Swedish reviews of “Hokum, Blues and Ballads”:

“a delightful nostalgia trip by a wonderful swinging trio.”
“their well-balanced close harmony singing contributes to the successful all-round result”
“a great mix, all performed with infectious swing in Sunset Serenaders’ own personal style”

“They perform Hokum-blues brilliantly…”

“the trio achieve a great swing and put the listener in a feel-good mood”
“The group combines Tin Pan Alley with Hawaii music, blues and swing in both a traditional and individual synthesis”
“…the music never becomes stiff and pastiche-like despite the fact that Robert S adopts a song technique typical of the era.”
“the devotion to style and musical glint in the eye lifts the music over the time perspective”
“The result has become absolutely amazing. With a sense of style and perfect timing they perform music that goes straight to the heart and brings on the widest of smiles”
“Sunset Serenaders fill me with pleasure and the feeling lasts long afterwards”

Jefferson Blues Magazine June -15

Arbetarbladet 13/11 -14
Jönköpings-Posten 27/1 -15
Lira Musikmagasin nr 1 -15
Rootsy magazine (extern link)

more about Sunset Serenaders (in Swedish, sorry!):

Söderhamns-Kuriren/Ljusnan/Hudiksvalls-Tidningen/Ljusdals-Posten 23/12 -14
Arbetarbladet 7/1 -15
Östhammars Nyheter 28/11 -14