SSS Loses
Sunset Serenaders is a unique band! Our lineup and music is a one-of-a- combination, not only in Sweden or Europe but anywhere in the world!
“That Al Capone´s house trio had exactly the same setting and that the music is used in Tv-series like Boardwalk Empire might be a coincidence, but also a proof of quality beyond musical trends”
So when the trio, lead by Robert Spångs uncluttered vocals, travels in time you´re invited to the, on paper, impossible mix of blues, hawaiian music, country, jazz och Tin Pan Alley.”
We have nurtured and developed an American genre that has had a greater impact on contemporary music than one can imagine. Our main repertoire was written in the 1920s-1930s. Groovy, serious, romantic, and crazy in a phenomenal mix! These songs have survived for nearly one hundred years and have been produced in countless cover versions and recordings since the originals were released.
Our music is suitable for any occasion! We have performed at festivals, private parties, music societies, and clubs! Intimate, nostalgic, and entertaining, a night with us is like a time machine back to a classic era that has been forgotten.